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Safe and healthy in the office

Create a safe and healthy working environment with a minimum of effort.

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General Terms & Conditions

  1. Scope
    These general terms & conditions apply to the complimentary use of the FCOS Checkbox of the Federal Commission of Occupational Safety FCOS.
  2. Rights of service and use
    The FCOS has made the FCOS Checkbox available to all those who would like to improve health and safety in the office. The FCOS Checkbox comprises two easy-to-use apps:
    • SafetyCheck locates tripping and other hazards in the office, shows how to correct them and carry out regular checks.
    • ErgoCheck helps to set up workstations ergonomically in order to minimize back problems and other physical complaints.
  3. Registration
    To make use of the FCOS Checkbox, it is necessary to register via the www.fcos-checkbox.ch website. Registration will be confirmed by email.
  4. Data protection
    When processing data, the FCOS and any third party suppliers involved comply with Swiss data protection laws (see data protection declaration)
  5. Cancelling participation
    Should the registered user no longer wish to make use of the service, he or she must inform the FCOS in writing using either the registered contact email address or by post.
  6. Changes to the terms & conditions
    The FCOS reserves the right to make changes to the terms & conditions at any time.
  7. Contact
    FCOS, Fluhmattstr. 1, 6002 Lucerne

The efficient tool for SMEs

Efficient accident prevention for your company, free of charge, user friendly and straightforward.

Free of charge

The FCOS Checkbox was developed specifically for prevention in the office environment. Creating an account for your company as well as using the Checkbox and its two apps is free of charge. There are no set-up or running costs.

Simple and efficient

You do not need any special knowledge to use the FCOS Checkbox. You only need a little time and if you do not have any, simply delegate this task to one of your employees.

Full control of your data

The FCOS Checkbox will help you to detect any health and safety shortcomings in your company. Neither the FCOS nor any third party has access to the data you store. Your data is protected and belongs to you alone.


The FCOS Checkbox and the two apps associated with it cannot replace systematic risk evaluation in accordance with FCOS ASA Guidelines (6508). They are resources of which non-specialists, too, can make use to assure better health and safety at office workplaces. Use of these resources does not release employers from their legal responsibilities related to occupational health and safety. 

A web application, two smartphone apps

Everything under control thanks to automatic data synchronisation.

Schema der Applikation

The FCOS Checkbox is a browser-based web application. Along with it, the FCOS also offers two smartphone apps – “SafetyCheck” and “ErgoCheck” – that were specially developed for the Checkbox. Data from both apps is automatically synchronised with the Checkbox.

This means all your data and checks, along with any necessary measures, are all together in the Checkbox.

A safe and ergonomic environment

Fewer absences, better health, safety and motivation in your company.

SafetyCheck: accident prevention

Accidents are also a daily occurrence in the office environment. Most frequently: tripping and falling accidents.

With the FCOS Checkbox, you can detect the biggest safety hazards and plan the necessary measures.

ErgoCheck: an ergonomic work environment

You do not need to acquire any expensive equipment in order to make your working environment more ergonomic. A clear improvement can often be seen if the available office furniture is used correctly.

The FCOS Checkbox will help you with step-by-step instructions on how to optimise workstations with computers.